Breaking Point

Late lonely nights I wander aimlessly in the thick, suffocating
darkness that dances in envy around the glistening liquid moonlight
that submerges me gently under it’s deceiving beauty. It took my hand
with care and took me to a place of serenity, anger, love,
frustration, and happiness. Its atmosphere dwelled upon me, weighing
me down to my knees. I remember the bright, faded days of joy, where I
could feel the nostalgic dust seeping between my fingers ever so
slightly, catching the cool, whistling breeze and drifting away
gracefully into oblivion. I remember the moments captured in my mind
that I cherish, moments captured in a picture that I hold- for it is
all I have left of the past. A past so beautiful with rich, vivid
imagery that teases me with its unforgiving knives of depression,
slowly peeling my flesh, ensuring the pain is slow and excruciating. I
can feel my head throbbing with memories of joy I would do anything to
relive. I can feel the blood pumping furiously in my ears, bringing me
down further in an abyss replicating hell. My vision starts to blur,
and my voice to cry out is constricted- as if someone had grasped my
throat, wrenching it within its clutches, only letting a faint squeal
of terror out that no one can hear. The pain is too much and I start
to numb, a numbing pain that slowly starts to surround me in darkness,
darkness no one can tolerate or withhold. It is darkness that claws at
your heart, and gnarls in your face, emitting a breath that smells of
pure evil. When all hope is lost for me and my faith is broken- I see
a light in the distance, slowly tugging me towards it. My tuition
compels me to gather the fatigued strength I have remaining to crawl
my way out of this hell. The light is becoming brighter, and closer- I
can start feeling again. I get closer and closer then start noticing
the evil darkness starts to burn away slowly, crying out in terror as
it dies away in the illumination of the incandescent light. I’m
blinded and cannot see anything but white- a white so rich I’ve never
seen anything so bright, my pain has ceased to exist, and my heart is
mended back to perfection. My mind is emptied of all toil, and I feel
a presence telling me that I have nothing to worry about. I had faith
that what I was being told is true, and with that faith I retrieved my
heart back from the deceiving beauty of the moonlight in the dead of
night, and gave it to this presence that saved me from falling down
the path of evil. I immediately saw the glorious break of dawn. God’s
been there the whole time, and finally I found Him.

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