Happiness: The Simplicity of it’s Contradiction


Happiness… it’s a beautiful thing. We all live to be happy and we all strive to be well-off. Everything that recurs around us is either a contributing or confiscating factor to our prosperity. A very effortless conduit for living, yet we end up in never-ceasing defeat. Life’s simplest emotion has turned into society’s biggest dilemma.

A large portion of the way we live is determined by emotion, and inner peace that we result to in order to have a backdrop to fall on when life bombards us with it’s unexpected hardships. The generation we’re confined in today defines joy in a number of ways that contradict the pursuit of happiness we all reserve the right to. Society sets a standard for happiness and by influential nature we strive to achieve that standard. All the social networks we have access to are meant to be used as tools to communicate information efficiently & accurately, right? The inconvenient truth is that one man’s tool is another man’s weapon; that is exactly what is occurring in the corrupt system that popular figures of society have generated. They claim that all happiness is found in a world where there are no problems and we glorify that idea while budgeting our hope into it, but we are doomed to perpetual defeat. We echo this conspiracy, by the virtue of bad habits are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. The definitions of happiness listed under what society has to say about it are acting as deceit maneuvers deterring from the challenges of life.

We result to blaming society for society’s biggest problems when we are society. The irony is that that is the biggest problem we (society) reap. We want everyone else but us to be the problem- and by doing that, we are only inculcating that issue in itself. It’s a problematic occurrence of pride we will never be able to manifest as a mutually inclusive conclusion. Thereupon, conceptualize life as if it were to be a utopia, there would cease to be a  pursuit of happiness because inferiority has no superiority- it is an unadulterated stagnant conduct. We wouldn’t be able to experience prosperity in life without annexing the latency of atrocity within perception. On account of that, we should be grateful for living in a corrupt civilization because without toil there would be no distinction between happiness & woe. We retain a right to happiness; we also determine the course it has for us in our lives. Although we give that right away to society and expect attainment for our discontentment- but as necessitated we are dissatisfied. Giving away that right to happiness to society in hopes of providing us with contentment only complicates it to a perplexed extent that is only comprehendible to society- not us; we define what happiness is for us, it is an exclusive definition.

Happiness is the great epiphany of contentment, and we are subject to utilize our definition of happiness in whatever manner we desire. Society’s biggest problem isn’t society, it’s influential ideologies that are indoctrinated into our minds. We abide by society’s lies and make the world a scapegoat for our incurable disgruntlement, when we ourselves are the problem.

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