Welcome to the “Life” section of my website. Here you’ll find a couple of pictures with my take on them, however most times they are just used as a visual in relevance to a topic I’m discussing or sharing my perspective on. All of this, really is just an evolving documentation to see how much I’ve grown in my faith and as a person- so expect it to be constantly updated. To sum it all up, this is a look into my mind- my take on society, my personal analyses of certain aspects of life, and select pieces of my poetry. I hope you learn some new things from the wonderful world of my mind. Enjoy.

Spiff is indeed a word.


My version of what kids nowadays call a “selfie”. Whenever I find myself taking posed, set pictures like these- especially when I’m alone; it shows I really don’t like to be idled. Frankly, I despise being idled. I think being idled is one of the worst things that can happen to someone for the sake of their sanity. Being idled indicates you have no motivation, drive, or energy to go and do something productive, and that’s the last position  a workaholic wants to be in. I always have to be doing something, always. I think it has turned into a form of OCD, because I have gone to the furthest, most rambunctious extents to fulfill my discontentment. From taking an online course on Quantum Physics from Harvard to teaching myself guitar to learning Portuguese;  I always figure something out to do. Is this a bad thing? Yes and no. For somebody my age to hate being idled and not working on something isn’t very common, but I suppose it’ll just teach me discipline and work ethic. Although I hope my obsession for having to be doing something will not turn into an issue for my future relationships. Maybe when I reach real contentment in what I do, I’ll stop having the inevitable urge to be occupied. For now, I will keep striving to reach that point, and until then- there will always be room for improvement in everything I do.

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