Death’s Dexterity

Looking out.
Death is an art that cannot be tamed, for its conduit of it’s being acts as an abyss that deceives us with its ultimate beauty that blinds us of its merciless conduct it has in store for us. The art of death is perceived as a bamboozle ideality that remains within secrecy until it strikes us with it’s universal purpose. As necessitated, humanity is a prideful commonwealth that will cease to accept the fact that we all share the same fate. Our nature demonstrates this analysis of our populace with our characteristics that emulate the discreetness of death through the imperceptible desire to remain ignorant of death; thus remaining smothered in pride, ignorance, marginalization, and superiority.

Death is a rebuking friend in every one of our lives- for it is a constant reminder in the sub-section of our thoughts telling us that time is not to be wasted for time is the essence of life. No matter how much we strive to control time we all share that disability which has the potential to consume us in its thick swamp of false reassurance. Our job as leaders in the broken system we live in today is to look past death and live without the fear dawning over us while not forgetting its existence. Without the presence of death as part of the creation we are all made in, we will have no drive to succeed- no pursuit will exist anymore because we try to achieve as much as we can before death catches up with us.

We live everyday leisurely, because by nature we have a hopeful mindset in order to get ourselves through challenges in life with sanity and ease. From pain and trials emerge strength and knowledge that remain within us as a tool to use the next time a hardship comes around. We become so overfilled with pride because we think we have already endured everything and that the world owes us something. Pride has been the number one issue in our society because it downgrades our standards for living, remaining stagnant in a lethargic lifestyle accepted by our people. Self-absorbed dignity is the ultimate blockade from the wisdom we need to obtain to be aware of the presence of death. It is preventing us to use it to our advantage so we may thrive for more than what is expected of us in our society and reach a higher status in our social hierarchy. The overwhelming amount of ignorance within our society will lead to an “unexpected” death and will reveal the cowardice hidden beneath the pride and arrogance at the time of decease. In our corrupt eyes, the belief of death being our shared fate can only be enacted with urgency- the passing of death itself upon us is the only factor in diminishing our pride.

We are put here on earth to live a life full of risks, and we can only see the good in things if we experience the bad in them first. If we deter away from that raw reality and try to avoid the risks and hurt involved, we will remain blind to the good things in the world and only experience half of what it has in store for us. In order to experience Heaven on earth, we must experience Hell on earth first, for nothing good can be seen without feeling the bad in the world- we habituate a broken system and by default we are all in obligation to face tragedies, trials, damage, hurt, and pain. Those who ignore those fundamentals will experience the necessitated pain much worse than everyone else. The ones who lack wisdom and are too consumed in their own pride forget that there is bad in the world because they care for themselves and their own glorification from others- but deep within their ruthless, rotten hearts lies an appalling fear that can only be admitted when nature knocks them down to their knees and bombard them with the reality of the world we are born into.

Death is an art. It’s beautiful, and its beauty defines the reality in the world we live in. Without death, we cannot live; it acts as the motivation within us to live life as if it were our last day. We requisite death in our life as a disciplinary teacher that castigates us of our issues, and teaches us how to remain humble to our common fate.

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