Define: Leader

Intro perspective.A leader has pliancy in whatever circumstance he or she is under while remaining humble to the chance that they will fail at times. This emblematic distinction has been inculcated to be a characteristic of inferiority, when in validity it is a trait of the best leader there can be. The position of authority entrusts a person with two choices that will be determined by his or her mindset on administration; to be a prideful leader who denies the absoluteness of making mistakes or become a leader who accepts faulty with the upmost humility. I personally, will go with the second choice- to lead with respect & humility rather than dictate with fear & supremacy. Commitment is a vital part within the stratification of a good leader, because by taking the position of authority you are the only influential figure of the group you are governing and on account of that you have a relationship with them. That relationship is the key component in retaining respect from your group, a relationship that is intimate & caring with the sole purpose of raising the next generation of leaders after your regime is over. My attributes as a leader will improve the quality of my community because of my ethical intentions. I believe that with this direct conduit of leading will furthermore extenuate the equality of the stratification within my community. By indoctrinating this approach to leadership, I retain a prestigious prerogative in civic leadership among my colleagues. Civic leadership requires diverse and flexible insight over our community’s problematic occurrences that will be accepted over a broad majority. On account of being a civic leader, you must devote to a relentless pursuit to better the commonwealth of our people. Furthermore, you are entitled to accommodate your talents, abilities, and resourcefulness to the highest extent possible. Remaining humble to your position as a civic leader will enable the willingness to give your time and input with the sole purpose to give back to the commonality that has already gave you a multitude of apparatus.

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