It was the fastest I had ever gone on my bike, and it was the last time I ever went down that hill. Traveling at speeds I could only imagine going, I was in a tranquil omen between space and time. Nothing could break me from that moment of circumstantial eradication. I felt total peace and serenity in the midst of calamity and doom- it was wonderful. I cut through the air like a shimmering, slick knife- leaving behind a blazing trail of destitute matter. My eyes were squinted to their max, limiting visibility- water streamed from the corners and latched themselves on my cheeks, holding on for dear life as the violent winds tried to wipe them away. My hearing was numbed to only the deep, heavy thumping of wind conjuring itself with the high pitched, violent slaps of air that sliced through my ears. Everything I passed became a blurred pastel of clustered colors that ridiculed the physicality of light and matter, embodying an illogical instantaneous perception of constant blurs. Then slowly, reality eased its way into my conceptualization and senses- reminding me that I was still under the damned hand of physics and there was a wall I was heading straight towards at unimaginable speeds. With no brakes. I remember feeling raw terror when I came to this consensus that the wall I was heading towards was going to be the cause for certain death, and that same terror was substantially amplified when I realized I had no brakes. They just stopped working in the one time I needed them most when my life depended on it- it was rather inconvenient. I was getting closer, and turning was most definitely not an option- at speeds like this, a sharp turn would violently spit me to the moon. Closer. Time was slowing down and I was getting faster by the millisecond. Nothing was going to stop me from hitting that wall at point blank. Closer. I recall that when I was just a few feet away from the wall, I cringed in sheer horror and then- black. I saw nothing, I felt nothing, I knew nothing- all of my perception was reduced to a perpetual, suffocating pitch blackness of ambiguity. Suddenly, I felt a violent shove at my side- I was awoken. There I was, at the top of that notorious hill, on my bike, ready to go down. It was the fastest I had ever gone on my bike, and it was the last time I ever stood at the top of that hill.

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