Ignorant Competence

Knowing nothing. Something so beautiful and… intriguing. Knowing nothing is the only avenue to know everything, and it holds an impeccable beauty that is unmatched by all challenging means. Being taught to know is simply being taught to never know again, and to only know what you know- as opposed to what you don’t know. Maybe if we just acknowledged the fact that we don’t know a lot about everything- we would know everything there is to be about nothing. The beauty in not knowing is the convolution of knowledge and ignorance- knowing nothing exists in a duo entity that encompasses both knowledge and ignorance. It’s authentic in its own way- to be able to beautifully embody two completely contradictory ideals within a unified body of ambiguity in the light of transparency. Knowing nothing is the notorious liberator from the perpetuated inculcation of knowing everything. To be in full competence of ignorance is ravishing and intoxicating- it boils your blood and lights a taunting fire within your esteemed perception. It challenges you and the longer you miniaturize it- the further you trap yourself behind the suffocating and blinding veils of knowledge. Knowing nothing can be interpreted as something beautiful and challenging to pursue something not known, or as something rubbish and distasteful that’s a waste of time. You either avoid it or pursue it, there is no middle. The indoctrination of knowledge is based upon a foundation of conformity and communal intellect that lacks the most important aspect of it all- intellect. The obtainment of knowledge through different institutions or sources has a horrible flaw within its foundation- a paradoxical predicament that relentlessly tries to teach communal intellect that lacks intellect. Knowledge has long been esteemed and idolized for being responsible for gaining an individual hierarchy, yet it has never been notorious for its systematic failure of inculcating false intellect. Knowledge has been extenuated to be something worth pursuing and obtaining to its fullest capacity- while ignorance has been demonized to be something worth avoiding and eradicating to its smallest molecule. Ignorance teaches more than knowledge knows- but the genocide of the pursuit of ambiguity has diminished it down to an abomination. Knowledge doesn’t challenge us, it only teaches us to practice what we already know in order to continue pursuing what we already know. But the one thing that no one realizes is that the origin of knowledge came from ignorance and ambiguity. Those who were daring enough to pursue ignorance founded the standard for knowledge. The pursuers of ignorance and challengers of vagueness are the vigilante standardizers for knowledge, and if anyone knows anything at all- they know a whole lot about nothing.

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