A break from school for a full week? Ha! No. We, as students, like to interpret it as a week to simply relax and kick back from all the work school bombards us with. Just one week of total serenity and tranquility away from schooling. Although, teachers, on the other hand, see it as an opportunity to assign us work that almost takes a week to complete. Am I irritated? No, not necessarily- I don’t see the reason why. It’s inevitable. But I am amused at the predicament though. The gradual genocide of the definition of “vacation” has been utterly successful- modulating it to a time period that should be taken advantage of to assign more work. Yes, it is unfortunate- but our schooling system has been polluted enough to redefine vacation as homework days. On the bright side, I spent the past two days working on the assignments and I’m all done! It feels great. On a concluding note, I wish you all the most amazing thanksgiving. Now go get fat & happy with your families and friends- and be thankful!

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