This is Anza.

The face of Pink Poodle

She is a highly renowned balloon artist who specializes in blowing her audience’s minds away. She is a loving, fun, caring, charismatic, and kind person- she brings about an aroma of happiness where ever she goes. Her artistic abilities in balloon twisting definitely reflects her amiable persona through super fun, vivid, and creative art pieces in the form of balloon. She also owns her own business, (Pink Poodle) that offers balloon artistry services for parties, church events, picnics, and pretty much any kind of event you can think of.

An Awesome Interview

Why do you do it?

“To make people happy.”

What is your inspiration for your pieces?

“My mom. When I was little she taught me how to make simple things like dogs, bears, hearts, and swords. I pretty much grew up making balloons because of my mom, then I started to develop my own voice in the art. Since then, I’ve been creating with my own vision of pleasing other people. ”

If you could sum up the brand or paradigm you’ve set in your artwork in one word, what would it be?

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” (Extraordinarily good; wonderful)

Define “balloon”.

“Latex that comes to life.”

How is a balloon related to the bottom of a shoe?

“Well, when I see a balloon I see a canvas- it excites me because I know it’s just waiting to be brought to life. A balloon reminds me of memories, because when I make art out of it- my audience remembers the joy they felt when they received it. The bottom of a shoe is tainted with memories in the form of dirt. Both items share the characteristic of retaining a memory.”

If the balloon could talk while you were twisting it to life, what would it say?

“‘That tickles!'”

Thanks Anza!

Some Awesome Pictures

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