I suppose that my inevitable suburbanization hasn’t been drastic enough to deprive me of any reverence for the urban community. Today, I fought my comfort zone of townhouses and front lawns alongside my father as we heroically journeyed through the buzzing integument of downtown LA. I didn’t take many pictures though. I’ve been trying to break the westernized culture that avoids living in the moment. I’d like to assume a more authentic way of  interpreting my surroundings and remembering them as a moment in time, not a picture in an album. However, I will still take pictures in effort to capture memories, but I must have a balance between simply taking it in as an emotion and strategically taking it away as an image. Sometimes remembering something for yourself is more fulfilling. You can’t share emotions on social media- that’s what makes it special. Anyways, here are snippets of my day in LA.

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