This amazing trip was made possible by the generous funding and backing of the most kindhearted people in the world. Truly, a cascading beauty. One of which I have not familiarized myself with, for it is a euphorically stimulating wonder. The enormity of its aestheticism is overwhelming in that my perception and conceptualization of it ceased to be empirical, and began to be effusive. The wonder it evokes is inevitable, for it entices any spectator with an elusive wisp of its innate and majestic beauty. I gazed in wonder at the intricacies within and around the falls, and my conservative attitude was obliterated to pieces as I let the jubilant, whimsical chid within me express my awe-inspired emotions. I fell in love a thousand times that day, as I found within me the capacity to perceive effusively, and to absorb unconditionally.

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