Time is something beautiful. Its intangibility tantalizes mankind to pursue something greater than themselves, in an effort to accomplish amazing things while time allows them to. Capturing the essence of time in an image is a profoundly humbling art in which the viewer is coerced into reflecting on the entity of a moment manifested within an image. This project I began several months ago challenged me to break the western ordeal of living in the present, and to capture my surroundings in an ephemeral five second clip. As I progressed in my venture to capture the essence of my life as a junior in high school, I came to realize that not every clip had to be something considered “significant”. The nature in this project implored me to reflect on what exactly defines a moment to be “significant”. Through a journey within myself and my surroundings, I found an elusive beauty in ambience. The perfunctory action of taking off your shoes at a certain spot in your room, looking out the car window contemplating insightful aspects of your life, watching a million rain drops race down your window, and taking a delicious hot meal out of your microwave oven, are all perfect examples of ambient beauties that define a surprisingly large facet our lives. Although these parts of our days are rather inconsequential, they still hold a resilient relevance in the midst of our cursory routines. I tried to capture transitory moments like these in an effort to establish a perspective that thoroughly appreciated these minuscule aspects of my life. In other words, I let these moments and the documentation of them teach me how to fully be in the present and count each of my days.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a glimpse into my life.

Fun fact: It was originally supposed to be three months of footage. However, junior year thought otherwise.

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