Yes, most certainly a grand sight to witness. A beauty so elusive, the venture to try and manifest it into a concoction of vivid words and description would prove to be futile; as it is an entity that cannot be captured. Imagine a giant, never-ending painting that you can simply reach out and touch; that is what the Grand Canyon is like. Its inveterate beauty is so vast and nebulous, you feel as if your capacity to perceive is rudimentary in comparison to what this sight entails. Unadulterated effusiveness and uncontrived love are what this grand sight entail, and I was the victim of such a beauty. To my dismay, or rather, satisfaction; it proved impossible to try and capture the enormity of the canyon with my 18-135mm lens. I was left with a realization that I cannot deny; in this life, within this world, as humble inhabitants, we should cease trying to capture everything, and begin to let everything capture us. The Grand Canyon captured me, and I could barely return the favor.

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