The grand pursuit by mankind is what defines our understanding of history. In times that have passed us by, we have documented the most robust individuals that brought some form of evil or good to the world. This is what defines history in the collective view of humanity; something that is grand in either disciplines of good or evil. The universal desire to contribute to history is what gives humanity its entrepreneurial, unrelenting spirit. If it were not for the grandiose perception through which society views history, then the desire to make an everlasting impact on the world would be rendered insignificant. History documents the robust individuals who achieved immortality through doing something no one before them had ever done.

There is a flaw in the process through which an individual can gain immortality. According to society, in order to do something purely original and historical, you must captivate your contemporaries and inspire your subsequent audiences. However, in the crevices of our lives lingers a constant action that has never been done before. It is so minute, that the acknowledgement of it requires a complete suspension of parallel processing. This constant historical action we unwittingly do demands a singularized consciousness that absorbs its vivacity.

The way you’re seated on the bus, looking out the window; the electromagnetic interaction between your molecules and the molecules of your environment; the exact position the clouds are in; the manner in which you’re contributing to someone else’s peripherals; your perception of the world outside and its ignorance of your presence; the molecular composition of the air you’re breathing; the transcendent presence you hold in someone else’s mind. These are all purely original components of your mere existence—no one else in human history nor anyone else in generations to come will ever carry out your action of being the way you do. This realization of unspeakable originality is novitatis intrinsecae. This is the most obscure form of originality, but it is the most pure form because it is never a deliberate doing. To be is to exist and no more; there is nothing above or below our action of being. Your existence is original and unique; consider it an intrinsic innovation of existence that bears. Originality is the arbiter in documented history; therefore, we are historical creatures through the effortless act of originally being. Novitatis intrinsecae.

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