I think that the composition of our lives is something worthy of exploring; it is, after all, one of the most infinite morsels of existence that we know of. To merely comprehend the enormity of our lives demands a childish perception that is wholly humble. The tragedies, victories, oddities, and regularities of one’s life are all a part of a grander composition that beckons just beyond numerical values. The transcendence that the actuation of our lives possesses is what gives reason to everything.

It is impossible to try and predict the consequential effects of our actions beyond a dichotomous equation. We are limited to a cause-and-effect prediction amplitude that proves our incapacity to make sense of everything. The whims of our lives fluctuate to the cadence of what we pursue; however, our pursuit is also subject to the fluctuations of the world we reside in. This is what makes the human journey wildly unpredictable, and it is what renders risk necessary. However, as elusive and intangible the interconnectedness of our lives may seem, there one mechanism through which we give reason to our past: saeclum cognoscere. This is the moment you halt the journey of your life and remove yourself from the endless cascade of doing. It is in this modality of thought that allows a lucid perception to take hold of your mind. In this moment of perceptual clarity and tranquility, you fully absorb your presence in time, and you accept the fact that what was once a vision of the future is now a manifestation of the present. In essence, you go back in time and pick up the remnants of your mind and place them back in the foreground of your perception.

For instance, take your position right now in this moment. Try and articulate the myriad of events that had to occur in order for you to end up reading these words. The amount of events is innumerable if you consider beyond what you merely did today. How about something that happened three months ago? Five years ago? To further illustrate, compare the circumstances of your life right now to what they were one or two years ago. Perhaps you’re currently in a place or state of being that you once longed for. Or maybe you’re in a place you never wanted to be in. This connection of circumstance, and the captivation it brings forth when you realize that you’re in a place you once envisioned is saeclum cognoscere. This connection in percipience can either be apprehending or reassuring—it simply depends on whether or not you’re willing embrace the reasons for your presence in this moment. Saeclum cognoscere.

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